Ministries Collaborate To Lead Christian Communities Overseas

HYDERABAD, INDIA (AUGUST 5, 2015) — The F4 Foundation, a charitable community-restoration organization based in Boulder, Colorado, teamed up with Kim’s Open Door and KidZ At Heart International to provide funding for an overseas mission in Hyderabad, India. The funds helped a team of five embark on a cross-cultural learning adventure on Monday, August 27th.

The group was able to lend their hearts and time with orphans and the homeless as they walked along the lands that Kim’s Open Door helped acquire and develop for an orphanage and a training center. Kim Bogart, founder of Kim’s Open Door, has been working in Hyderabad since 2011. The F4 Foundation helped to sponsor training for one hundred local teachers on gospel presentations using KidZ At Heart materials.

“Supporting groups that are part of different ministries enables them to learn from one another,” Misty Krasawski, Executive Director of the F4 Foundation, said. “Their lifestyles may be different, but faith, family, freedom and fun are universal values. There is no reason they can’t be applied to the more than 17 million orphans, 270 million children without healthcare and 300 million starving children who are suffering worldwide.”

The team also used this opportunity to aid at the feeding station that Kim’s Open Door established last year. They ministered alongside Suresh Kumar, a musician and KidZ Leadership Coordinator who has led thousands of children to Christianity. Half of the team, including Bogart, traveled to Mumbai on August 7th to join Ten Days Ministry on a medical outreach mission before returning home on August 12th.

“F4 Foundation’s involvement in India is two-fold,” Krasawski continued. “The immediate cause is always for the children,” Krasawski continued. “As an added benefit, we expect to gain valuable insight from great organizations and a different culture to widen our organizational perspective, increase our resourcefulness, and outline a concise plan for global ministry investment and expansion opportunities.”

The F4 Foundation seeks to rebuild the foundations of society by promoting faith, family, freedom, and fun. If you would like to receive more information on The F4 Foundation and their recent investment project in India, to make a donation, or to submit a service project recommendation please visit, or contact Misty Krasawski, Director,


Kim’s Open Door is a nonprofit organization founded by Kim Bogart and based in Jacksonville, Florida that was created to train and mobilize people from diverse backgrounds to teach life skills and encourage kids to dream. For information on how to donate or volunteer visit, or contact them at

KidZ At Heart International is an organization based in Mesa, Arizona that seeks to equip people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture. To learn more about the organization, visit, or contact them at


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