2022 Africa Trip


COVID was difficult on most non-profits, the F4 Foundation was no different. Slower business and reduced donations led to less money coming into the Foundation, which meant less money going out to those who need it the most.

In February of 2022, the F4 Africa charity leadership group met, and within 10 minutes, we knew it was time to head back to Kenya for our 4th. Our goal was to give more than the F4 Foundation had ever given before. It was to be no small task as charitable giving was down over 64% nationwide.

Your Contributions

In the months that followed we were able to assemble a great team of 14 members, some familiar faces, and some total strangers. We took fundraising to a new level as many team members held yard sales, art shows, and grocery store donation programs on top of asking everybody they knew for whatever they could give. Our goal was $40,000 but that soon was reached and by the end of September, we had exceeded $76,000!

Our Work

What did that $76,000 go to, you ask? We were able to buy and fund the construction of three playgrounds, two long drop latrines, two showers, a guest latrine, 6 boys homes roofs, 6 ceilings completely painted, 3200 pairs of underwear, over 500 pairs of shoes, livestock with pens, 3 special meals for the children, a commercial popcorn machine, feeding children in the slum with their only meal for that day, medical supplies, sheets, towels, hundreds of toothbrushes, a check for over $10,000 and so much more. Yellowblue Eco Tech’s Dealer Network and employees helped make this all possible so thank you very much for all your support.

Volunteers and Fundraisers

Our on the ground volunteers and primary fundraisers were Tim and Amy Carter, York Hayes, Valerie Tabbita, Jeff and Rachel Buck, Rad Alger, Jarrod Alger, Keegan Speed, Wendy Aitken, Maddie Magpie, Stephanie Cann, and Chelsea May. Thank you for believing in the cause and giving so much of your time. Special thanks to Carmen Fitch, Bruce Lange, and Eric Koschnick for being our support team state side.

Future Trips

We are looking forward to going back in two years so please reach out through our website if you are interested in participating in our 2024 mission trip to Kenya to support the Christian Ministries in Africa and all of the orphanages, group homes, and churches that they provide for.

With much gratitude,

Steven Fitch

Team Leader

2022 F4 Foundation Africa Trip