Monthly Contributions to Legacy Collective Establishes Investor Role

AUSTIN, TX (JULY 15, 2015) — F4 Foundation, a charitable community-restoration organization based in Boulder, Colorado, announced their first official partnership with Legacy Collective and will attend their upcoming Investor Launch Party at the Hatmaker’s Farmhouse on August 22nd in Austin, Texas.

Legacy Collective works to engage systemic problems related to social issues by resourcing innovative efforts and funding critical projects. Through Pure Charity, a nonprofit fundraising and donor management provider, and their “Giving Circles”, Legacy Collective offers a platform to build a giving and learning community to make an on-going difference.

“The newly formulated partnership with Legacy Collective is essentially groundbreaking for our organization,” said Misty Krasawski, Executive Director, F4 Foundation. “Being that it’s our first official partnership, we evaluated many different opportunities, but we were most delighted with Legacy Collective’s model. Transparency and real sustainable solutions are of upmost importance to us and they undoubtedly aligned with our values.”

Current causes of focus for Legacy Collective include orphan prevention and economic empowerment in Ethiopia, sustainable housing for the homeless in Central Texas, and child trafficking rescue and prevention in Haiti. As investors, F4 Foundation will be able to follow funded projects and see where every dollar is spent. Additionally, F4 Foundation can provide feedback on funded projects and nominate new projects.

“For F4 Foundation, Legacy Collective provides an opportunity for conversation, questions, and a place for organizing new partnerships without starting over when our service projects are done,” continued Krasawski. “For Legacy Collective, as new investors, we hope to help fund their platform and expand on their database of activists and socially responsible influencers.”


The F4 Foundation seeks to rebuild the foundations of society by promoting faith, family, freedom, and fun. If you would like to receive more information on The F4 Foundation and their recent partnership with Legacy Collective, to make a donation, or to submit a service project recommendation please visit, or contact Misty Krasawski, Director,


Legacy Collective is a new kind of Giving Community focused on partnering, pioneering, and funding sustainable solutions to systemic social issues. To learn more about Legacy Collective, their causes, and how to join, please visit or send an email to