She came up the aisle blushing, a bit teary-eyed, pale lace trailing behind.  His smile as he waited for her to reach him was as boyish as I remembered from when he was seven, causing all of their audience to smile and tear up in reflection.

When the ceremony was over, we gathered to watch the new husband and wife cut the cake.  Hugging a dear friend I hadn’t seen for some time, I asked how things were going.  “Well … ” she said, eyes darkening, “things haven’t gotten any easier, honestly.  And being at a wedding today … ” she sighed, leaving the words hanging in the air.  “It’s hard, you know?  Hard to be excited and happy.”

Every wedding brings tears and smiles, hesitancy and hurry–paradox.  Perhaps each wedding is a microcosm of what’s to come.


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Prayer for a New Marriage