Meet Xavier, he has become one of my good friends at only 10 years old. Xavier is smart, athletic and kind. Xavier’s biggest quality and what I think is his best quality is his compassion for others. While I was laid up after knee surgery, in December, he sent many get well gifts as well as he asked his mother to send messages to me. He has always been positive.

My dates might be wrong, but in October Xavier started to have back pain. His parents found out that it was Neuroblastoma which is located in Xavier’s spine.

Treatment will be expensive and take time. My heart cries out for this young man who is wise way beyond his years and cares for others more than he cares for himself. Truly an unselfish person

With the Mejia’s permission, I commissioned lapel ribbons that are in Purple (Xavier’s favorite color) They also say “Xavier Strong”.

My favor… Would you consider donating $10 per pin to this great cause. My office at Greener Energy Co. will mail you your lapel pin so that you too can be on team Xavier and help Be “Xavier Strong”.

So here are the directions:

  1. Make a donation on this page
  2. Private message Steven Fitch on Facebook with your name, address and how many pins you ordered.
  3. Wear your pin daily!
  4. Be Xavier Strong!

Originally posted and shared by Steven Fitch.

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Donation Total: $10