Foundation-Focused Groups for Added After-School Value

JACKSONVILLE, FL (JUN 16, 2015) — F4 Foundation, a charitable community-restoration organization based in Colorado Springs, contributed efforts towards the development and implementation of focused after-school curriculums for public schools in Jacksonville, FL.

F4 Foundation’s mission is to rescue endangered children, restore fragmented families, and rebuild broken communities. The two curriculums recently adopted were developed in partnership with Kim’s Open Door, a non-profit organization seeking to aide in crime, drug use, and gang violence prevention after Kim Bogart, founder, became aware of shootings in her community which involved children as young as eleven. The curriculums were designed specifically for active Bible Study Clubs and Mentoring Programs. Each curriculum spotlights core, communal components imperative to the personal development of children ages six to eleven.

“The curriculums will be taught after school and will be first introduced in the Jacksonville area,” explained Misty Krasawski, Executive Director, F4 Foundation. “We’re very excited about our recent trip to Florida and are thrilled for the opportunity to work alongside and assist educational leaders, such as Kim’s Open Door, who share our goals in developing these types of initiatives.”

To participate in the programs, Jacksonville students are required to turn in a signed permission slip. The curriculum for Bible Study Clubs is outlined over the next four years for elementary schools. To date, two schools in the Jacksonville area are planning to use the Bible Study Curriculum in Fall 2015. The Mentoring Curriculum happens during school hours and focuses on students at risk. By mobilizing community volunteers, the one-of-a-kind team approach member program will teach important life skills that will help students set and achieve goals, learn to say no, and control impulses. The curriculum also plans to incorporate various historical heroes as a fun way to facilitate the educational material.

“Within the Mentoring Curriculum, we are really looking to place an emphasis on modules such as boundaries, friendship, and goal setting,” added Krasawski. “These principles, strategies, and tactics that are not always taught during normal school hours are sometimes the most important for positive, fundamental growth in our youth.”


The F4 Foundation seeks to rebuild the foundations of society by promoting faith, family, freedom, and fun. If you would like to know more information on The F4 Foundation or their recent involvement with Jacksonville school, to make a donation, or to submit a service project recommendation please visit, or contact Misty Krasawski, Executive Director,


Kim’s Open Door was developed to train and mobilize people from diverse backgrounds to teach life skills and encourage kids from ages 6-11 to dream through mentoring, clubs, and events. To learn more about Kim’s Open Door, to make a donation, or if you would like to volunteer, please visit or contact Kim Bogart, Founder,