Africa 2022 – Wendy Aitken

$2,120 of $3,000 raised

My work is not done, and I have been called again!!!!  I am excited to announce that I have been selected to return to Kenya, Africa to represent the F4 Foundation and Christian Ministries of Africa, October 28th – November 9th, 2022.

This upcoming trip, we will be working extensively at the main orphanage in Nairobi.  Termites have taken over portions of the orphanage.  One of the biggest losses for the children was their old wooden playground.  A new blacktop turnaround for access for the medical crews as well as a new playground are planned.  With the help of our volunteers and your generous donations, we hope to raise enough to build them their new playground and upgrade various parts of the orphanage that were damaged by termite infestation.  This means so much to the children, as they live with very little toys and games and entertainment.  This gives them a daily escape during recess from school to bond and play with each other and get the exercise they need and deserve day in and day out.

In the past, this organization and the volunteers have visited 4 different orphanages in Nairobi, Nakuru, Olorropil and Kibera in Nairobi (In the top 5 slums in the world).  We will visit all these orphanges again and help meet their basic needs and serve them while we are there.  Through our mission work over the years, we have done a few big projects to help bring improvements and additions to these various orphanages.  We dug a water well for the girl’s orphanage in Olorropil on our last trip.  These girls have escaped female genital mutilation and sex trafficking and remain in a safe home as they grow and get a wonderful education and their needs met.  Before the water well was provided, these girls would have to walk over 2 miles to town to fill jugs of water for their use.  Many of you donated to our cause and watched live as the well was dug and fresh water was delivered and continues to flow in abundance for these deserving children.  What an exciting day that was for many!!  They continue to love the convenience of something we take for granted here in the States.   We also were able to build a water storage system at the boy’s orphanage in Nakuru, and with that added a new irrigation system for a farm to table concept, where the boys can grow their own fruits and vegetables.  We were able to provide this with the help of your generous donations as well.

Some are called to go, while others are called to give!  I would like to ask you all for your support on my journey if you are able and willing to donate.  All donations are a tax write off and a great way to give back.  This allows you to be a huge part of something life changing, as many are unable to travel abroad and be hands on.  We will have a private page for all to follow our progress and watch as we bring more smiles to these deserving youth.  They want so little and appreciate so much!

We also are asking for donations of any type of sport equipment, e.g., footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, jump ropes, etc.  and, both boys’ and girls’ underwear.  They also love when we bring them candy, crayons, coloring books and activity books.

Please visit my link to donate.  Thank you again for your support!


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