Africa 2022 – Tre Lout

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Hello my name is Tre Lout. I was Blessed with the opportunity to travel with the F4 Foundation to Kenya, Africa in October of 2022. The F4 takes trips to low income countries to try & help the less fortunate communities. The F4 stands for Faith, Family, Freedom and Fun. Which is every reason why I love our country, The USA. It was built first and foremost on GOD, providing for our families, exercising our freedom & enjoying the fun of it all. With that being said not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Other human beings like us struggle for things that we call simple, like water for instance. I’m not sure if you’ve heard this before but I was reading the other day & 1 of every 3 Africans faces water scarcity. About 400 million people in sub- Saharan Africa lack access to basic drinking water. The F4 has taken 4 trips already to Africa alone & on their last trip they built a water well and tanks to store their water in the area they traveled to. God asks us to Bless others & in turn we are Blessed for our generosity. We’ll be building playgrounds for children in areas with not as much entertainment for the younger generation. If you are able to I would greatly appreciate if you can donate whatever you can afford. I myself donate and will be working for 2 weeks on the project. I’ll be posting pictures with the families that you Bless so you can see the smile you put on their face.

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