Africa 2017


Nairobi, Kenya was a life changing experience to say the least.  Together with Christian Ministries in Africa and Kim’s Open Door, the F4 Foundation spent 10 days abroad serving the orphans. Steven Fitch, Tom Whiteley, Tim Carter, Zachary Krasawski and myself (Rob Krasawski) were among the 22 volunteers there to serve. The relationships that were forged and the memories we hold will absolutely require us to return. Are you up for an adventure? Let’s go!

Last year we were able to accomplish:

Olorropil Grace Children’s Centre 

  1. Repairs and some painting in the girls and boys toilets, kitchen and dining hall. 
  2. Upgrading of solar lighting system, additional larger panel and battery.

Langata Grace Children’s Centre and Church On The Rock Academy

  1. Refurbishing of Langata Grace Children’s Centre playground.
  2. Interior touch up paint, plaster repair, and window glass replacement, Grace Children’s Centre.
  3. Church On The Rock Academy, wood fence to section off Academy toilets from parking area.
  4. Exterior trim paint, Langata Church On The Rock; this was never done; the white you have seen is undercoat; we ran out of funding when completing the building in 2010.

Nakuru Grace Children’s Centre

  1. Strengthening of water tank stand – new, 10,000 litre tank is too heavy for old stand.
  2. Compound and building repairs – glass replacement, fixture repair, ceiling repair, iron sheet replacement, Dorm 2.
  3. Interior painting – all dorms and dining hall.
  4. Floor tiling (alternative to continual patching of cement floors), all dorms, dining hall, office.


We are returning in October to once again serve the ministry and Children of Nairobi Africa. We need your help!  Find a name listed below and click “support” to make a donation on that persons behalf. The funds donated will go directly to the cost of the trip for the individual you’ve selected.  All donations are tax deductible and we will be sure to include you in following us via social media throughout the trip.

Christian Ministries in Africa (CMIA) is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. Founded in 1985, the organization operates ministries that serve more than 200 children and four children’s homes. For more information on CMIA, or to donate, please visit